Venus Palermo face mask recipe, Angelic, Chocolate DIY mask tighten your pores #VenusPalermo

Venus Palermo face mask recipe. Venus Angelic Palmero Chocolate DIY mask for tightening your pores YouTube make-up tutorial HD HQ video. CLICK HERE for > Harina (Farina) simple honey pine mask by Venus Palermo recipe.

Venus Palermo face mask recipe hot HQ HD picture
Venus Palermo face mask recipe

Secret ingredients

1 Tablespoon water
3 Tablespoons bio natural brown sugar
cook until sugar is completely disolved
while carmel is liquid and still hot mix it with
1 1/2 Tablespoons of baking soda
2 Tablespoons 100% pure and natural cocoa powder

mix beat
1 egg yolk
1 Tablespoon whole milk

then mix with chocolate sugar mix from above

Venus Palermo Eye Enlarging Makeup Tutorial you tube

Watch living doll Venus Palermo Eye Enlarging Makeup tutorial you tube video. Venus Isabelle Palermo Age 15 Birthday, 8th February 1997. Venus Angelic comes from London Nationality: Swiss Austrian Hungarian mix Interests: Japan, Dancing.

Venus Palermo Angelic living doll eye makeup skin care blonde HD HQ pics
Venus Palermo Angelic living doll eye makeup

I usually wear circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger. This one with 17.5mm is bigger than the average 14.5mm circle lens. Depending on their design they have an eye enlarging effect and are available in various styles and sizes so there’s something for everybody.

I mostly use eye shadows in natural tones as green, creme color or brown because they give an effect of deeper set eyes, like a doll.

The lightest color, a creme one with some shimmer, will be applied up to the brow bone. A light color on the brow bone brightens the eyes, so it actually makes you look more “awake”.

The middle tone color is applied from the inner corner followed by the darkest color. This color arrangement will give an illusion of wider eyes.

A small tip:
Blend black eyeliner in your crease to make your eyes look more deeper.

Let’s continue with the eyeliner! Line the half of your lash line. Actually lining the third of your lash line opens your eye, but we are going to work this out later, so keep on watching!

Now get your mascara and don’t be greedy! Apply coat over coat until your lashes are really thick and long. To make it really effective, you’ll need to apply false lashes. But really thick and long ones. Another tip: Set them a bit off to make your eyes look wider.

Finally apply mascara over the falsies. After all, we want an effect that get’s noticed, right? An effective effect.

Back to the eyeliner: Thicken a bit more then the half of the line. This will open your eyes and
with this look, it’s more effective than lining only a third.

A well known must for bigger eyes is applying white eyeliner on your waterline, and inner eye corner.

Lashes play an important role in this look! So let’s apply lower ones, too.

And because we never can have enough lashes, we are going to draw them! Use a liquid eyeliner to draw lines that should look like really long lashes.
Then just blend them together with a black eyeliner, to fit them in.

Venus Palermo Angelic doll – honey face mask skin care

Watch perfect skin in minutes Venus Palermo VenusAngelic doll HQ HD youtube makeup tutorial. Venus Palermo’s honey facial mask skin care from a Harina (Farina) flour facial recipe.

Venus Palermo VenusAngelic living doll makeup tips HQ HD picture
Venus Palermo VenusAngelic living doll makeup tips

Venus Palermo,s honey pie mask cake.

ingredients: 5 tablespoons flour, 3 teaspoons honey, juice of one lemon.

Now get a container. Mine is a transparent mug cup, in which fill some flour.

add five tablespoons of simple whole wheat flour.

Add 3 tablespoons (looks like she is using a teaspoon in video) of natural honey without any preservatives or chemicals.
be careful don’t spill the honey.

Add lemon juice it might be hard, but if you haven’t got a lemon squeezer like me, just use your hands.

Mix the lemon juice and the dough together.

Get a brush. I use silicon brush, which is more skin friendly and just perfect for applying facial masks.

After you’ve applied the honey pie mask, wait 30 minutes. I think i am going to read a book or something.

Wash the mask off with warm water and dry the face with a clean towel.